Trans Pacific International, Inc. is representing three foundries located in Shandong Province, China, as well as one foundry in Southeast United States. We have sales office in the United States and China. Our goal is to provide customers direct connection with good foundries and reduce product cost while still enjoy good local service. The foundry in US is for customers who need a domestic backup source for their parts from low cost countries. It is also serving the need for small volume and/or short lead time parts.

  Total annual capacity of our foundries is over 60,000 tons. We can cast ductile iron, gray iron and malleable iron parts with weight from one ounce up to five tons. We use electric induction furnaces and cupolas for melting; DISA automatic molding line, Hunter mold machine, squeezer and floor molding are all being used. Our current products include but not limit to the following: grooved fittings, pipeclamp fittings, flanges, pipe fittings, valve bodies, grate, meter box, sewer cover, municipal castings, specialty castings and etc. We have 12 CNC milling machines to make patterns accurately in a timely manner. Two strong in-house machine shops are serving the need for machined parts. Products made by our foundries are being sold by many stores and used by many major companies around the world including many Fortune 500 companies in US. With different cost structures of our foundries, we can offer products at all level, from low-end OK quality to high-end good quality. More information can be found at our website

  Our goal is to offer our customers VALUE, QUALITY AND SERVICE. We welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.


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